Invest Like a Woman

Invest Like a Woman

Investor Insights, June 8th, 2018


Five Things You Should Know


  1. Equity Markets – were positive across the globe this week with U.S. equities (S&P 500) up 1.68% and international equities (EAFE) up 0.59%

  2. Fixed Income Markets – were mixed with investment grade bonds (AGG) down -0.31% and high yield bonds (JNK) up 0.68%

  3. Upbeat in the E.U. - well maybe not upbeat, but sentiment is better than the last few weeks as their Central Bank suggested they’d be winding down their QE program because of perceived economic strength, Italy’s new Prime Minister received his second “vote of confidence” and Spain’s new leader made progress on his new cabinet.

  4. G7 Summit – will be held this weekend with trade disputes dominating the build-up to the summit. France and Germany have stated they won’t sign a joint communique (statement) as typically happens without major concessions from the U.S. on trade, the Iran deal and Paris climate accord. The U.S. is trying to downplay tensions, with top economic advisor Larry Kudlow describing the situation as a “family quarrel.”

  5. Key Insight – This week’s video looks at pieces from the NY Times and Reuters that highlight three traits women are more likely to embrace than men that have been shown to statistically make them better investors over time.


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