Let’s Try to Keep Things in Perspective

Let’s Try to Keep Things in Perspective

Weekly Commentary, November 10th, 2017



  • Equity markets were down slightly this week with the S&P 500 off 0.14%, while international markets were down 0.74%.

  • Fixed income markets were also down with high-quality bonds down 0.42%, while high-yield bonds dropped 0.86%.

  • Thank you Veterans! In honor of Veteran’s Day we wanted to make sure to thank all of you who have served.

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  • U.S. Tax Reform – The Senate Finance Committee released its draft tax bill yesterday with a major divergence from the House Republicans’ plan released two weeks ago. In an effort to avoid raising the deficit by more than $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years (which would mean the bill would require an almost-impossible 60 senate votes to pass) the Senate draft proposed to defer corporate tax rate cuts until 2019. With many specifics still to be negotiated and agreed upon, concerns this week are rising that the bill will not be passed prior to the Christmas target.

  • President Trump in Asia – this week’s visits were highlighted by trips to Japan and South Korea, where during the latter visit he called on North Korea to come to the negotiating table regarding their missile and nuclear programs. President Trump’s Tour of Asia has begun in Japan. During a summit with Shinzo Abe, he declared that the "era of strategic patience" was over and that the two countries were working to counter the "dangerous aggressions" of North Korea. Trump also vowed to push for a free and balanced trade partnership with Tokyo following decades of "massive trade deficits," but said relations were "better than we have ever had."

  • Brexit Update – after another resignation within her cabinet the London Times is reporting that PM Theresa May is not expected to stay in office through year’s end. This further complicates what are once again stalled exit negotiations as the EU awaits the UK’s proposal for a financial settlement.

  • Saudi Crackdown and Oil Prices – last weekend brought what the Saudi Attorney General called “phase one” of a crackdown on corruption. After many arrests and a few related deaths, wealthy Saudis have begun to try to move assets from the region. Whether this move is to bring greater economic liberalization or state control is still in question.

  • Commentary: A small drop in the equity markets has once again brought out the doomsayers. In some quick thoughts this week, we seek to bring a little perspective to the madness and share some meaningful insights we’ve come across this week.


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