The Four Horsemen of the (Investment) Apocalypse [VIDEO]

The Four Horsemen of the (Investment) Apocalypse [VIDEO]

Investor Insights, March 9th, 2018


Five Things You Should Know

  1. Equity Markets – had a strong week with U.S. stocks (S&P 500) up 3.64% while international stocks (EAFE) rose 1.96%

  2. Fixed Income Markets – were mixed, with investment grade bonds (AGG) down -0.08% and high yield bonds (JNK) up 0.25%

  3. Korean Negotiations - in a very positive development for geopolitical tensions, North and South Korea held talks this week, marking the first time since North Korean leader Kim Jong-un took power that there has been a meeting between the North and South. South Korea has indicated that the North may be willing to cease their nuclear weapons program, seek reunification with Seoul, and talk with the U.S. As of Thursday afternoon, talks between President Trump and Jong-un are set for May.

  4. D.C. Drama – With President Trump is not backing down from his threats of imposing tariffs on some imports, and the seemingly corresponding departure of top economic advisor Gary Cohn, markets had a lot to digest this week—including a list of products listed by the EU that they would seek to retaliate against (it’s important to note that the list adds up to about $3.5 billion of goods, which is more symbolic at this point than scary).

  5. Key Insight – One of the biggest mistakes we see, both in our industry and individual investors, is a misplaced focus. People spend a ton of time and emotion on trying to forecast the future movements of the markets and/or individual stocks, when there are much bigger threats and important things to keep on top of one’s mind … we discuss in the video below.


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