Mark Taylor

Financial Advisor

P: 509.325.2003

E: mark@tencapital.com

Mark joined TEN Capital in the fall of 2013. A 1976 graduate of Washington State University, Mark started his investment career nearly 30 years ago with EF Hutton.

Using his experience of managing through the double-digit interest rates in the 1980’s, the irrational exuberance of the 1990’s, and the financial meltdown of 2007-2008, has helped him to shape an investment approach of focusing on clients’ long-term goals and risk tolerances. It also taught him the importance of working within a good team which is why he was excited to join TEN Capital.

Independent investment thought is essential to surviving today’s complex financial markets and it is the focus on that core principal that Mark values at TEN Capital.

Mark spends his free time golfing, indulging two grandchildren, and involving himself in his family’s farm operation.

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